Blog Post 5 Twitter N Me

I signed up for a Twitter account in 2010 at the annual PCATT conference at Honolulu Community College. I was fascinated during the panel discussion as attendees were tweeting comments and questions live to the group, and panelists were responding to them. When I went to lunch, Bert Lum (Burt Lum @Bytemarks) and Jonathan Wong @jonathanwspeaks said, “you gotta have a twitter account!” and walked me through signing up for an account.

Since then, I have used Twitter almost daily as my personal learning network. I follow many different kinds of people and groups, and it has been an invaluable way to see what is trending or follow a topic I am interested in, be it educational, political, social, anything that I want to know more about.

Almost every instructor I have had in LTEC has a twitter account, and Dr. Bert is one of those who uses and teaches it in his classes. I have heard every excuse in the book from my friends who do not have Twitter accounts, so they really never experience the value of it. I am frustrated when I take a course if the teacher does not have a twitter account since it is an invaluable way to share quickly.

A big factor is controlling your twitter feed to filter the posts you want to see. I like the limit on the number of characters although now that it is doubled from 140, it feels like there is no limit. It forces the writer to choose carefully, and it allows the viewer to quickly see whether you want to pursue the information on the post.

Twitter has actually fueled overthrows and massive political movements. Getting news as it happens from many different sources is far more valuable than reading it in the one paper in town.

At the recent state STEM conference, (#HISTEM) we converged on a colleague from Molokai to start a Twitter account. I said it would change his life, and he was amazed at what happened just in the first hour of opening an account. We can now share valuable information about CoSpaces and Merge Cube to as many people as we want, quickly, without resorting to the protocols involved in email or even FaceBook.

Since all your tweets and replies are saved in your feed, I am able to find earlier posts I want to go back to. An example is

Green Screen Tips for teachers on twitter (Leilani, this one’s for you).


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